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Beyond Green.

Beyond Clean.

Energy Reimagined

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Proton Magnetics is where theory becomes reality.

With inherent motivation to leave future generations a free and clean planet, Proton Magnetics is pioneering energy systems with our proprietary, patented technologies.

We’ve gathered a team of brilliant inventors, engineers, and scientists with a common vision of redefining the ways power is produced, stored, and delivered.  Our innovative magnetic motors and power conditioning systems will make the word “impossible” obsolete.

We Are Revolutionizing The Energy World.


Unlocking. Harnessing. Delivering.

What do you get when you pull together a team of brilliant minds, prolific inventors, and a collective determination to improve the world for the whole human race? At Proton Magnetics, that formula has turned theory into reality.

Our team is utilizing state of the art technology and environmentally friendly materials to create complete power systems that do not require a fuel source or charging. From our magnetic motors to our power conditioning systems that both store and deliver, we are pioneering what powers our world.

Our power produces freedom. Freedom is power.

Nearly A billion people on the planet do not have access to electricity.

Let's change that!


Beyond Green. Beyond Clean. Energy Redefined.

In the last century mankind has experienced industrial and technological revolutions. We have undergone spiritual and creative awakenings. Yet, we are still reliant on power sources that are susceptible to weather, and vulnerable to cyber and electromagnetic interference. Nearly a BILLION people on the planet still live in energy poverty with no access to electricity, hindering them from participating in the modern economy. No access, or unreliable access to electricity limits access to healthcare, education, clean water, and food. Power equals progress. Those without it are literally left behind in the dark. This is our “why”.

At Proton Magnetics our mission is simple yet lasting: let the dinosaurs rest in peace, provide secure power without waste or pollutants, and make power universally accessible and safe for our world.


The future of energy is now.

We invite you to join us on a journey of redefining how our world is powered.

Power is freedom. Freedom is power. The future of power is now.



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